199 Problems but Running Ain't One.

Why do something once when you can do it a second time?

After our crazy 2013 Ragnar Relay adventure, we couldn't wait to do it again.  So of course we jumped on early registration for Keys 2014.  Practically everything that COULD go wrong in 2013 did, here's hoping 2014 is slightly less chaotic!!!

Brad and Angela
The early months of 2013 turned Brad from a "Why would you run that far when you could drive" kind of guy to a "When can we do it again!?" kind of guy.  Angela's glad for the extra excuses to run further . . . and faster.    Brad intends to run Ragnar this year fueled on candy bars and pop.  Despite the fact that he'll be 34, he still has the metabolism of a 13 year old boy.  Which is annoying for Angela, who has dropped 40+lbs since the birth of their youngest in 2008, and has to work it HARD to keep it off.   What are they looking forward to most about Ragnar--leaving two kids and two dogs in Grandma's (somewhat) capable hands and running all the way to Key West.  Running is a lot like parenthood--who needs sleep ANYWAY?? 

Gigi (who blogs at Running on Candy)
I just started “running” in 2011 after many MANY years of nothing active. I put that is quotes because there was much more walking involved.  When I learned shortly after I started that there was a relay race that ended up in Key West I knew beyond any shadow of a doubt I would do this one day.  My goal was to do the 2014 as a 40th b’day gift to myself but had no idea how to go about it.  I luckily had two friends who said they would go too.  Key West is my most favorite place!!!  Then after the 2013 Ragnar Angela put up on the Tough Chik FB page that she was going to do it again and needed teammates….I am not sure she even refreshed her page before I was all over her like a hungry golden retriever “YES YES YES”

I started running about 5 years ago, mostly because I don't like the leg machines at the gym. I'm one of those disgusting people who has to run and work out to keep from losing weight. (It's ok to hate me for it, my wife does). Once I started running though I found out I was actually fairly speedy. In spite of that I really only run a few races a year, though I do run a few times a week with friends. I lived in Florida for 12 years managing the horticulture department for a public garden but recently moved to Missouri where I run a small arboretum in Springfield. Brad is friend from college (Go Pokes!

I moved to Florida a year ago from Washington State to work in the Everglades. While I may have chosen Florida reluctantly, it as been a great move full of spectacular adventures and good friends made. My first big relay was in 2000 at the ripe age of 19 and I ran the Hood to Coast relay in Oregon with my mom's work team. Read: no beer. :) Since then, I've dabbled in long distance running amidst bouts of grad school and laziness.
I'm a slow and plodding runner, but what I lack in speed I make up for in consistency and ability to cheer on the group. This will be my first Ragnar ever and I'm so excited to spend 199 miles with all of my new friends and van mates!
Mike B.
Rich K.
Lived in florida most of my life, I have been running for about a year and a half, in that time I have completed 4 half marathons, Ragnar FL Keys 2013, a sprint triathlon, a couple dozen obstacle runs (warrior dash, superhero scramble, highlander, etc.) and a number of 5 and 10ks.  I also Surf, Paddleboard, Race outrigger canoes and mountain bike.  I'm a geek at heart and by trade, have been doing I.T. work for 15 years and love sci fi and horror flicks.  Oh yeah and Kilts... I run in them.

I am an always doing too much mother of two awesome kiddos who started running 3 years ago in training to do a Muddy Buddy with my awesome b.f. A couple of miles of Muddy Buddy turned into “well if I can run 3 miles, I can certainly run a couple more” which turned into a few half marathons here, a full marathon there and the craziness that is Ragnar. I love pushing myself and learned to swim (properly) to try my hand at triathlons last year. I am definitely an endurance junkie and I have a hard time with rest days!!! I’m looking forward to a new Ragnar experience with new friends and MORE COWBELL!!

I am the mother of three wonderful and adorable children - Mason (5), Kennedy (4) and Brooklyn (2).  My husband Ray and I have been married for ten (almost eleven) exciting, eventful and awesome years.  We currently live in Pittsburgh, but I grew up in West Virginia (no, my brother is not my father) and went to college in North Carolina.  I lived in South Florida for a few years after school, which makes coming down for the Ragnar even more exciting.  In my prior life I was a Corporate Recruiter for Dick's Sporting Goods - I left the company to become a stay-at-home mom when our second-born was one year old.  Motherhood has been an amazing experience - many g
ood days and plenty of bad days.  Now that my baby is two, I am finally feeling ready to take back some of my life - enter running.  In the past I have had a love/hate relationship with running....maybe a little more hate than love.  But, these days, I am feeling a lot more love - running is my dose of therapy and much needed solitude.  So, I registered for the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon this coming August here in Pittsburgh.  What better way to force yourself to get in shape?  I invited my friend Allison Joyce to join me for the race.....and the next thing I know I am on a team of twelve (crazy) people who plan to run from Miami to Key West.  I am so excited (and scared) to do this thang!!!


I'm Allison, coming to you from Miami (born and raised, you won't find many like me).  Looking forward to my first Ragnar in 2014.  I've only been to Key West once, so I thought running there for my second visit was the only way to go.  Working out/running keeps me sane from the craziness of a husband, 3 kids and 2 cats.  I'm fluent in sarcasm, and have an irrational fear of clowns and lizards.

As a busy mom, running is the "me thing" that I have.  Never run in a Ragnar before but super excited...& just a little nervous!  Looking forward to bonding, laughing, and whatever it takes to get this done with my team!  Eager to see my husband and three kids waiting for me at the end!

Rich S.  Hailing from Alaska, Rich S. definately gets the award for the coming the farthest on our team to run 199 miles :-)

We're proud to announce that two of our amazing sponsors from last year will be back with us for 2014.  We're excited to have Shower Pill and Aspaeris back on board--because they literally made our experience bearable.   Shower Pill will keep us from stinking as we run 199 miles from Key Biscayne to Key West, and Aspaeris Pivot Shorts will hold our legs together (and help us have the ability to still walk around Key West when we are done!

If you have a product that you think will make our Ragnar experience rad (and maybe get rid of one of those 199 problems we are having!), let us know--we're still looking for one or two great products to partner with on this incredible journey.

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